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Hurry!!! The new course starts October 8, 2019

Contact us at (+234) 08023009874 , 07031850982

Check the classes below and select the classes you’re interested in. You can select more than one class.

Message From Ify

Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the 11th edition of Ify’s Kitchen’s online tutorial cookery course #CookwithIfy11.

The online tutorial course which will last for 4 weeks will be taught via detailed pre recorded videos. In addition to the videos, the recipes (ingredients and measurements) will be clearly outlined for your ease of reference.

Here’s how it works; an exclusive WhatsApp group will be set up for you and other members who have paid the subscription fee. A link to the videos will be made available to you on Tuesdays and on Fridays every week of the four week duration.  You will be expected  to recreate each recipe taught and to send in pictures of your well plated dish.

In the course of creating the videos, I  anticipated your questions and have thus provided explanations as to why certain actions are taken or why certain ingredients are used. And for this reason, the video tutorials are regarded as good as a face to face class. In the event that, you require further clarification on any of the recipes to be taught, the WhatsApp group creates an excellent platform for you to ask your questions and I will provide you with a response at the earliest possible time. In fact, you will have access to me and to all members of the group during the 4 weeks that you will be taking part in the online class.

I am very excited and I look forward to welcoming you on board.

Love, Ify


1. Prawns in butter garlic sauce

2. Grilled Fish

3. Chicken Coconut Curry

4. Buka Stew

5. Pasta Bake

6. Native Soup

7. Ayamase Sauce

8. Rice and Peas

9. Goat meat curry

10. Yam Pottage

11. Gizdodo

12. Nkwobi

13. Moimoi

14. Potato Fritatta

15. Baked Chicken

16. Jollof Coconut Rice

17. Stirfry Pasta and beef

18. Afang Soup

19. Banga Soup

20. Native Jollof Rice

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1. Singapore Noodles

2. Beef in green pepper sauce

3. Vegetable Soup

4. Chicken Stew

5. Shrimp fried rice (Chinese Fried Rice)

6. Prawns in oyster sauce

7. Efo riro

8. Meatball in tomato sauce

9. Club Sandwich

10. Jollof Rice

11. Sweet and spicy chicken

12. Coconut Fried Rice

13. Egusi Soup

14. Oha Soup

15. Minced meat fried rice

16. Seafood okro

17. Bitter-leaf soup

18. Nsala Soup

19. Grilled Fish

20. Bacon and smoked ham breakfast wrap

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1. Bread Rolls

2. Chinese sausage

3. Red Velvet cake

4. Chocolate Cake

5. Pound Cake

6. Lemon loaf cake

7. Vanilla muffins

8. Chocolate cookies

9. Orange pound loaf cake

10. Jam doughnut

11. Meatpie

12. Banana bread

13. Sausage Roll

14. Egg Roll

15. American Style Pancakes

16. Indian Inspired Samosa

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