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Spaghetti 300g
Stir fry beef 500g
Black pepper 1 teaspoon
Carrots 2-3 pieces
Medium green bell pepper 1 piece
Medium yellow bell pepper 1 piece
Rodo(scotch bonnet) 2-4 pieces
Large onions 1 piece
Garlic 3 cloves
Ginger 1 inch
Vegetable oil 3 tablespoons
Stew base(regular stew) 1 cup
Chicken seasoning
Sesame oil 1/2 tablespoon
Sazon seasoning 2 teaspoons
White pepper 1-2 teaspoons
Powder onions 1 teaspoon
  • season beef with black pepper
  • Add beef to hot oil and season with seasoning cube, onion powder and stir till cooked. set the beef aside when cooked.
  • Boil your pasta in salted boiling water till al dente
  • Add some more vegetable oil to the work and when hot, add, onions, ginger and garlic and saute for 2 mins.
  • Add the carrots and bell peppers. season with white pepper and sazon seasoning.
  • Add the atarodo and fried stew base and cooked beef and stir.
  • Add the pasta and mix well.
  • Add some sesame oil and stir.
  • Turn off the heat and serve.


Onions 3 bulbs
Green pepper 1
Ginger 1/2 inch
Garlic Cloves 2
Green Chillies 4 pieces
Bay leaf 2-3 pieces
Carrots 2 medium sizes
Runner beans 4 pieces
Long grain rice 3 cups
Tomatoes 4 pieces
Tatashe(Red bell pepper) 2 pieces
Sombo(Cayenne pepper) 2 pieces
Ata rodo(scotch bonnet) 2-4 pieces
Coconut milk 400ml
Chicken seasoning
Curry powder 2 teaspoon
Thyme 1 teaspoon
Tomato paste 50g
Coconut oil 1/2 cup
  • Blend the peppers, tomatoes, Onions and ginger.
  • put some coconut oil in a pot, add the chopped onions and garlic. Add the blended pepper mix and tomato paste and allow it to fry.
  • after a few minutes, add curry, thyme, seasoning cubes, coconut milk, water or chicken stock and bayleaf. cover and allow to boil.
  • wash the rice till the water runs clear. Add the rice to the boiling stew base. Cover the pot and allow to cook.
  • In a different pan, add some coconut oil, add onions and saute it for 2 mins on low heat. Add the runner beans and after a minute, add the carrots and green chilies. Add some chicken seasonings. Add the green pepper and turn off the heat.
  • Check the rice to ensure that it is tender enough. if tender enough, add the vegetables.Stir and turn off the heat.


Prawns 8-10 pieces
Unsalted Butter 2 tablespoon
Garlic 3 cloves
Chopped parsley 1 Tablespoon
Pepper flakes 1 teaspoon
Vegetable oil 2 tablespoon
Fish seasonings 3-4 teaspoon(s)
Black pepper 1/2 teaspoon
  • Peel and devein the prawns. Pat the prawns dry.
  • season the prawns with fish seasoning and black pepper
  • put some vegetable oil in a pan to heat up.
  • Add the prawns and cook till they change colour.
  • Add the minced garlic, pepper flakes, parsley and butter.
  • Taste and add a little salt if necessary.
  • Turn off the heat and serve with Pasta, rice, bread, etc


Tomatoes 4 pieces
Scotch bonnet peppers(rodo) 6 pieces
Chilli pepper(sombo) 4 pieces
Bell pepper(tatashe) 5 pieces
Garlic 3 cloves
Ginger 1 inch
Curry 1-2 tablespoon(s)
Thyme 1 tablespoon
Vegetable oil 1 cup
Seasoning cubes
Ripe Plantains 4 pieces
Gizzards 10 large pieces
Medium bell pepper 1
medium green bell pepper 1
medium yellow bell pepper 1
Onions 2
  • Clean the gizzard and boil with onions, garlic, seasoning cubes, salt,curry powder and thyme.
  • Add some water and cook till tender
  • When tender, set aside the stock, dice the gizzard into smaller bits and fry. Set aside
  • Blend the peppers, tomatoes, onions and ginger. Set aside
  • Cut the bell peppers and onions into squares. Dice the plantains and add a little salt. Fry the plantain and set aside
  • In the same oil used to fry the plaintainand gizzard, add some chopped onions and allow to sauté for 2 minutes.
  • Add the blended pepper mix and fry till no longer sour. Season with curry, thyme and chicken seasoning.
  • Add some stocks and stir. Add the fried gizzard and allow it to cook for some minutes. Add the fried plantain and the chopped peppers and onions.
  • Taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly


Cow leg
Cameroon pepper
Palm oil
Seasoning cubes
  • Add water to your potash and allow to dissolve. Sieve the potash and save the liquid
  • Add some palm oil to a bowl and add the potash water. Keep stirring until you get a thick orange sauce.
  • Add Ugba, crayfish, pepper, ehuru, seasoning cubes and the cooked cow leg, stir all together
  • Place on medium heat for about 4 minutes.
  • Serve hot.


Palm fruits 1 derica
Meat 10 pieces
Dry Fish 2
Stockfish head 1 piece
Kpomo 6 pieces
Meat stock 1-2 cups
Banga spices 2 tablespoons
Ground pepper 4 tablespoons
Chicken and crayfish seasoning 2
Ground Crayfish 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
  • Wash the palm fruits and boil for about 30 minutes, then extract the juice
  • Put the extract in a pot and allow to boil for about 15 minutes
  • Add the meat, stockfish, kpomo, dry fish, ground pepper and banga spices except the dried leaf
  • Add the meat stock and seasoning cubes. Stir and allow to cook.
  • Add the periwinkles, crayfish and dry leaf
  • Cover and allow to simmer
  • Serve with starch, pounded yam or semovita


Meat 8-10 Pieces
Kpomo 6 pieces
Stock fish head 1
Dry fish 1-2 pieces
Uziza leaves 10 pieces
Beef broth
Ground crayfish 1/2 cup
Palm oil 1/2 cup
Uziza seeds 1
Periwinkles 1/2 cup
Onions 1/2
Roughly crushed peppers 6-8
Cocoyam powder (2-3 table spoon)/ Fresh Cocoyam (8 pieces)
Seasoning cubes 1-2
Salt(to taste)
  • Add cooked assorted meat and dry fish. add meat stock and water if the meat stock isn't enough. Add the ground peppers, palm oil and seasoning cubes. Cover the pot and allow to cook.
  • Add the cocoyam paste or powder and stir.
  • Add the ground Uziza seeds and allow to simmer.
  • Add the periwinkles, ground crayfish and uziza leaves and cook for about 3 minutes.
  • serve with any swallow of your choice.


Yam 4-5 Slices
Tomatoes 4 pieces
Shombo 2-4 pieces
Tatashe 2-4 pieces
Atarodo 4-6 pieces
Crayfish 2 tablespoon
Palm oil 1/2 cup
Dry fish 1
Seasoning cubes 1-2
Onions 2(one for grinding and one for slicing)
Efo Tete(Green) or any vegetable of your choice one handful
  • Blend the Peppers, onions and tomatoes and set aside. Wash the dry fish and set aside.
  • put some palm oil in a pot, when hot add the onions and peppermix and allow to fry.
  • Add some water and add chicken seasoning, add the dry fish and crayfish. Add some salt if needed.
  • Add in the yam cubes and stir, cover and allow to cook till the yam is tender.
  • Once yam is tender enough. mash some of the yam pieces.(add vegetable if you're using)
  • Serve hot and enjoy.


Medium size onions for chopping 1
Tatashe(Red bell pepper) 2
Scotch Bonnet 3-5
Big tomato 1
Shombo/Cayenne pepper 3
Onion 1
Vegetable oil 1/4 cup
Fish seasoning
Maggi chicken seasoning


Minced meat Oregano 1/2 - 1 teaspoon Black pepper 1 teaspoon Parsley 500g
Fusili Pasta 250g
onions 2
Garlic Cloves 2
Vegetable Oil 1/3 cup
Tomatoes 4
tatashe 4
scotch bonnet (add more if you want more heat) 4-6
Chicken seasoning cubes 2 cups
grated Cheese
Tomato paste 1 tablespoon
Carrots 2
Green peas 1/2 cup
Italian seasoning 1 teaspoon
Oregano 1 teaspoon
Black pepper 1/2 - 1 teaspoon
Parsley 1 teaspoon
  • Add some veg. oil in a pot, add some onions, garlic and the minced meat. Cook the minced meat till browned.
  • season the minced meat with black pepper and chicken seasoning and set aside
  • add some veg.oil. when hot, add onions and garlic. After about 2 mins, add the blended pepper mix and tomato paste. season with italian seasoning, oregano and parsley.
  • When the sauce is almost cooked, add the minced meat. add some water to allow the minced meat to cook through. cover the pot and simmers the sauce.
  • While sauce is cooking, boil the pasta and set aside when cooked.
  • Add the boiled pasta to the minced meat sauce and stir. Add the carrots and green peas.
  • Pour the pasta into a baking dish. Grate some mozzarella Cheese to cover the top of the pasta.
  • Put the pasta in a pre heated oven and allow to bake for about 20 mins
  • Add the minced meat to the tomato sauce


Afang leaves 2 Cups
Water leaf 4 Cups
Beef 8 pieces
Kpomo 8 pieces
Stockfish head 1
dry fish 2
seasoning cubes 1 - 2
palm oil 1 Cup
red and yellow scotch bonnet 6 - 8
Ground Crayfish 3 Table Spoons
meat stock 3 Table Spoons
cameroon pepper 2 Table Spoons
  • put the cooked meat, dryfish, kpomo and stockfish in a pot. Add the chopped peppers, some beefstock , palmoil, cameroon pepper, crayfish and seasoning cubes. Cover the pot and allow to simmer.
  • Add the water leaf and periwinkles. after about 3-4 minutes. add the afang leaves and stir. Taste and adjust seasoning.